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Zubehör und Maschinen für die Bettindustrie, die Polstermöbel und die Schaumstoffverarbeitung


Die Firma




Maschinen für Matratzen

machines pour matelas

Maschinen für Matratzen

machine matelas H 220 C2T
transformation de mousse H 307 Baby
transformation de mousse Tricover H1

The Italy-based company is producing a wide range of machines for the production of mattresses such as :

Single/Dual needles quilting machines
Conveyors – Various transport and handling systems
Machines for the fitting of ventilators
Tufting machines
Packing machines
Tape-edge machines
Border quilting machines
Filling machines
Gluing lines
Wrapping machines
Rolling machines

The Tricover system enables a perfect and fast covering of foam with stockinette.
Available in Nylon and Polyester, Tricover is available for small businesses with Rollover up to large
production lines with the automatic F1 machine.

Exclusive distributor in France for Resta and Tricover (Heynen Systems) machines.

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