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Zubehör und Maschinen für die Bettindustrie, die Polstermöbel und die Schaumstoffverarbeitung


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Maschinen für Polstermöbel

machines pour sieges

Maschinen für Polstermöbel

machine matelas Upholstery workstation
machine matelas Air-driven liftable work-table Bosforo
machine matelas Granulator
machine matelas Astor machines
Tricover G4
machine matelas Elasbelt machine | NEA machine

The Italy-based company RESTA is producing a wide range of machines such as : panels quilting machines, conveyors and various transport and handling systems, gluing lines, packing machines, wrapping machines, shredder, press....

Wide range of machines for the production of upholstery products. Qarrata Forniture production is created to help artisans and workers during all the working phases. It can offer solutions to sofa, chair, mattress and armchair producers. These machines allow : increase productivity, standardise the quality of the product, safeguard the worker's health and safety and low the costs of production.

Air driven movable work-tables
Air driven liftable work-tables
Cushion filling machines
Shredding machines
Cushion covering machines
Upholstering presses
Cutting presses
Carding machines
Gluing workstations

With the largest range of upholstery buttons on the market, Astor offers a full range of machines for all size of businesses like :

Button covering machines
Eyelets fitting machines
Cutting devices

And accessories such as : pressure disks, cutting mats, cutting dies, cutting disks, ejector supports and various tools for buttons covering machines.

The Tricover system enables a perfect and fast covering of foam with stockinette, onto all shapes and sizes of cushion one after the other, without the need for adjustment between cushions. The TRICOVER machines are trolley mounted and can be easily moved throughout the factory. The TRICOVER will encase all types of cushion material with stockinette. Available in Nylon and Polyester, Tricover is available for small businesses with Rollover up to large production lines with the automatic F1 machine.

Leader in the manufacturing of elasticated webbings, INTES is offering fine machinery for the fitting of all their references on any type of structure. They allow perfect standardization of the product, guaranteeing the consistency of characteristics and increasing the speed of the production process.

Exclusive distributor in France for Resta, Quarrata, Astor, Tricover (Heynen Systems) and Intes machines

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