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OKE profiles and piping cords :

OKE profiles can be easily and quickly used. The materials are hard-wearing, environmentally sound and can be recycled.

In combination with the OKE machine program these profiles offer you an intelligent concept for the application of upholstery techniques in practice.

Large selection of references :

Piping cords
Blind seam profiles, profiles by clip system
Edge profiles
Retainers : classic or with molding (anchor, oval, ...)
Clips : strip, plastic individual, plasticized metal
Plastic or metal connectors

INTES webbings and machines :

Intes produces an extensive range of quality elasticated webbings and tensionning machines. Available from stock, we have 60 and 70 mm webbings in 4 different qualities and the monodirectional NEA webbing which is illustrated with its tensioning machine and mounted on the IDEA pre-tensionned frames.

ASTOR buttons :

The Astor range of products and machines are designed to offer to the small upholstery workshop up to the largest manufacturer the perfect answer to their buttons covering needs.
Large selection available : buttons tops, buttons backs, clip buttons, counter buttons & toggles.

TRICOVER tricots :

Tricover G3 machine for a fast and efficient covering of foam products.
Nylon tricot covers (on dimensions or in rolls) preserves the upholstery fabrics and the foam from abrasive action against one another.

ROLLOVER tricots :

ROLL-OVER is a product to encase cushions (and mattresses) of all shapes and sizes with a strong stockinette cover. Specially prepared stockinette bags roll easily on to the cushion. One person can cover cushions quickly and efficiently without the need of a machine.

SITINET tricots:

A type of tricot specially manufactured for the furniture and foam rubber industries. Sitinet tricot gives the upholstery fabrics not only excellent protection, but at the same time it neutralizes the effects of any pulling of the foam rubber and of marks showing through. And what is more, Sitinet considerably reduces the wear and tear of the upholstery and the pile remains unaffected.

SOMIC piping cords :

Adaptable and multi-functional, cellulose piping cords are widely used in the profession, including interior and outdoor cushioning.
An extensive range of cellulose weaved fabrics is offered by Somic with some references closely resembling the natural canning.

EDILFLOOR needle-punched non-woven :

Needle-punched Polypropylene non-wovens are used for many applications in production of mattresses or upholstery including dust protection, cushions, back ...

SIMALFA® waterbased adhesives :

The SIMALFA® line has been designed for simplicity of use. To deliver the necessary instant tack for quick spray and stick applications and conform to changing environmental regulations.

The SIMALFA® line of waterborne adhesives are suitable for the foam, furniture, upholstery, mattress, automotive and aerospace industries.They are excellent for bonding foams such as latex, polyether, polyurethane and polyethylene. They can also be used to bond porous materials to themselves or to substrates such as wood, particle board, cardboard, jute, rubber, plastic and metal etc.

More products and machines from our catalogue :

Adjustable Workbenches
Metal or resin plates with logos

Silicones spray
Upholstery needles
Berry's and Lasca staples removers

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