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Accesorios y máquinas para las industrias fabricantes de sistemas de descanso, del sector del mueble y de la tranformación de la espuma


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poignée de manutention Supergrip handles
poignée Slimgrip handles
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poignée pour caisse Supergrip handles
poignée pour caisse Braid handles

With our experience in moulding over textile products, we have developed various handling systems for the packaging industry such as :

Supergrip and Slimgrip :

These very low profiled handles, Supergrip and Slimgrip, are used by a lot of cardboard producers / transformers to ensure a strong grip of their boxes during handling. They meet the expectations of users from a technical, practical and economic point of view.

Very resistant
Easy and fast mounting (no pre-cutting necessary)
Cost effective
Preserve the content (from dust, for insulated containers,...)
Prevent from any inserting inside the packaging
Usable with any kind of material (wood, cardboard, plastic)
Low profile inside and outside the box
Made of recycled materials

Available in various versions : Supergrip alone or with reinforcement plate ; Slimgrip with auto-locked textile handle.

Braid handles :

For your gift cases (wood packaging, cardboard, plastic, paper), we are offering a variety of handles.
Different colours and dimensions upon request.

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