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Zubehör und Maschinen für die Bettindustrie, die Polstermöbel und die Schaumstoffverarbeitung


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Unsere Geschichte

Unsere Geschichte

In 1942, the Delahousse family established itself in Vauchrétien, in the heart of the Loire Valley and started to manufacture various textile products.

In 1968, after considerable investment and improvements within the manufacturing process, the company S.A. Delahousse & Bruant was born from the fusion of the family business with a French competitor.

Since then, the company has really concentrated on the manufacturing of components for the furniture industry with a strong development towards plastic injection moulding.

Today the company is still family owned and managed. Employees number approx 60, working three shifts on a 7800 m² purpose built factory with fully automated machines, peripherals and transport systems.

We are commited to giving to our customers a wide and innovating range of products with the highest standards of quality and service.

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